The door slams and there is silence. You are angry, hurt, crying. You cuss and curse, maybe even throw something across the room or out the door after them. Shaking your head, you ask yourself why this happened?

The silence is deafening.

You wash your face, pick up the house, go cry some more in the pillows on the bed. You check your phone. You look out the window. The silence is increasing your  anxiety.

Ironically, this – THIS – is the time you start your magical remediations for reconcile work between the two of you. If it is work saving, then time is of the essence.  Time to start your candles and altars to bringing back the one you love.

There are many ways to work your reconciliation magic and many products to gather, but the most important thing to remember in this type of candle spell work is at – the prior situation or events MUST NOT HAPPEN AGAIN IN THE FUTURE. Reason is, why call someone back just to allow them to do it all over again, right?

Things to Gather During Relationship and before you begin your Reconciliation Magic:

Personal items (also known as “concerns”) are one of the most potent products that can be used in any type of love magic. These “concerns” are as follows:

* Semen, Vaginal juices, Condoms, Tissue that was used to clean oneself, etc. – #1 Most Powerful Item to Use

* Pieces of Hair, Hair from collar of Jacket/Coat, Nail Clippings, Skin Flakes – DNA from your loved one.

* Cigarette butt,  Marijuana ‘roach’ , Q-Tip, Facial Hair stubble from Razor, Toothbrush, Makeup Cleansing Pads, Tissues, Napkins, Drink Straws – all contain bits and flecks of skin to use.

Secondary items to use when you do not have any of the above items:

 (still perfectly acceptable to use)

* Photos – including ones on the cellphone that can be forwarded to an e-mail and printed off on paper.

* Signature or Handwriting – each person’s handwriting is unique onto itself.

* Unwashed Clothing – underwear (great place to find pubic hair), tee shirts, socks – anything that has their natural body odor/sweat on it.

Why collect these items early into the relationship and before any Reconciliation work? Because there will be at least one fight. It is extremely rare that a relationship exists without tension or an arguement or someone leaving with a door slam. These items will be the most important items in your Reconciliation work and the base for the magical work, so collecting them early is so very important.

In Part 2 we will assemble a honey jar with the collected items and also a love poppet.


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