$ $ $ 2020 bring in the Money! $ $ $


We will begin our first of two Prosperity Experiment month long candle services on Sunday, January 5th, to commence with the first New Moon of 2020.

What is the Prosperity Experiment and what is it’s Purpose?

The Prosperity Experiment originated in as a way for a small community of people to come together in a candlelight prayer service to focus on the financial goals that they had set for themselves and the energy of prayer and candle flame to spark and boost that desire into reality.

What do I receive if I participate in the Prosperity Experiment Candle Ritual?

I will burn green candles weekly for 30 days and report on them each week for you. You will receive a photograph of your candle lit and then finished, along with a finished photo of all your candles together. You will also receive a Daily Inspirational e-mail with a short vignette story that reflect the Daily Meditation prayer/chant that you will receive so that you can mindfully use it throughout the day to aid and assist in attracting financial blessings.

The cost of the 2020 Prosperity Experiment Candle Service is $50.00

We have started the candle service. Thank you for your interest.

30 days of candles and prayers for your Prosperity along with a Daily Inspirational message e- mailed to you!


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