The 2021 Mid-Year Prosperity Experiment Month Long Candle Service begins on July 10, 2021, in conjunction with the New Moon. This is a great time to focus on finances and goals for your future abundance and prosperity.

What is the Prosperity Experiment?

This ritual, developed years ago, creates an intensified group of people who have a desire to work intently on their financial outcomes for paying down debt, saving for a new venture or education, getting their finances together to make a large purchase of a home, car, or other item that needs a larger amount of funding, and also to control credit card debt and increase the savings in the bank for future emergencies.

This is a month long ritual, consisting of 4 glass encased “novena” vigil-type candles (one each week) burned for you and special intention. Each week the beginning and end burn of each candle is sent to you, and in subsequent order of burning, with a final photo of all four candles together with a brief report on the success of your ritual and suggestions for additional work. You also receive a daily inspirational message or brief vignette in your e-mail, to touch upon items and issues you may be encountering in your financial walk. You also get a smattering of additional information as it come to me from other financial sources, in order to “plant the seed’ of success in your mind while you are focusing on the future.

This is a time where you work together with the energy being put into the Universe to take control of your finances, employment, education (if necessary) and spending so that you have the capital to grow a business, take some classes to improve your desirability in the workforce, increase your credit score for future loans and financing. It is not suggested that your intention before additional monies for activities like gambling or other forms of pleasure spending.

Many participants throughout the years have:

* Got a book publishing deal

* Started their own radio show that was picked up in certain parts of the country

* Saved enough for a down payment on a house

* Many participants paid off old credit card debt

* A few participants bought new cars


How much does it Cost?

The cost for the month long candle ritual and daily inspirational e-mails, with additional occasional pertinent information is $50.00.

07/08 – If you are interested in participating, please e-mail me at tarotbyjacqueline (at) yahoo (dot) com

What happens after I order?

I will be communicating with you to help you create a solid and strong candle petition to place on your candle and to prepare you for the upcoming month with some initial e-mails with things to think about during this month.


Is there a time limit?

Order early because this is a limited space event and it books in rather quickly! For more information you can read about the past years Prosperity Experiments by clicking here:


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