It is Thanksgiving morning and the Sun has not even thought about getting out of bed. I am up and answering e-mails with a cup of tea, as this is a mellow day for me and I do not have to go straight to Cafe Bustelo to face the World. The early morning chill can be felt from the windowpane but not so much that it is alarming, but more like the breath of a child that just ate a peppermint patty candy.

Later, I will be making a nice dinner for just myself and my guy, as the kids are having their own family celebrations in their homes far from us. I passed that Turkey Queen crown to the girls many years ago, when I filled the refrigerator full of makings for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner and jetted off to the Caribbean. The girls were college age and I told them to ‘follow the directions on the bag’ and ‘it will come out right’. Hours later I receive in a text of a photo of the table that even Martha Stewart would be proud of. The girls shared their meal with friends who could not go home for the holiday and it was a momentous occasion as it was one of the few times I gave full reign of my domicile over to the kids (as long as they didn’t burn it down, lol).

Thanks from clients come in many ways – suerte mojos from Mexico from a client who travels there for medical procedures and trinkets from New Orleans, blessing ribbons from South America, and mugwort from Tennessee and others who have gotten a reading from me. I have received copies of old newspaper articles, recipes for yummy desserts, seashells, bells, a hemp soda (never opened it), and prayer cards. Lots and lots of prayer cards. Each and every one of them are along the bookshelves of my office here as I sit. They remind me of the love and caring between myself and someone who has trusted in my gift. I thank you all for these treasures.

I am grateful for my family, who gave me patience when the phone rang and I jumped from the table/out of my movie theatre seat/stepped out of the checkout line to take a call. They arranged and rearranged their schedules around my readings and candlelight events for so long now that they even participate in sewing black felt poppet dolls for the New Year’s Eve Banishing Negativity Burn. They have seen the transformation and miracles that candle burning services has produced and they now recommend their friends. I appreciate their understanding and participation in my life.

I am asking you to extend your hand in brotherhood and friendship to another this Holiday season. Bake cookies for the neighbors. Rake leaves for an elderly person’s lawn. Pay for that one item for the person in front of you. Pay it forward at Starbucks. Cook some of your delicious soup and bring the crockpot to work. Buy donuts for the breakroom. Put festive liquid hand soap in the office bathroom. Buy a couple of gift cards and hand them out to that person with a sign on the corner.

We should always move through this World with Thanks for our Blessings and also Bless it Forward to someone else. The Heavens, Angels, and Saints are watching.

Happy Thanksgiving 2019



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