The phone rings. A voice comes over the phone asking me about candles that I would recommend for a certain named spiritual condition. We talk back and forth, discussing what type of candle would be for what situation, and what oil to use. I give a little history about each candle and oil, as I have learned in my experience and in my time studying hoodoo. Then, it happens.

The caller starts in with the back story of the reason they is asking about the candles. I am politely listening for a few minutes, giving her space and respect, trying to figure out exactly where they are going with the story. The caller continues, delving even deeper into the past, giving me history. History. HISTORY.

I stop them, and while I am giving them a reason I am stopping them in the middle of the tale, they are circumventing my interruption. They are desperately trying to give me background information that, In my honest opinion, I do not need to hear.

Now you, dear reader, are formulating a descriptive word for me and the way I am handling this. I understand, it’s natural to consider my interruption to be rude, but it really is not, and I will explain further in my blog post.

As I am calmly explaining that each candle has a long paragraph that clearly explains the purpose for each candle I offer on my other site, . I tell the caller that I even give examples of when this candle would be beneficial. The caller, with a sharp intake of breath, continues with the HISTORY.

Mind you, the call is now almost 7 minutes long. The caller is continuing with the HISTORY. I stop them, explaining that what is happening is that they are trying to get my opinion on the situation, not exactly if I-should-use-this-candle-or-that-candle-on-a-(insert description of character). In this case, a cheater that you want back. I stop the caller there. I ask them to return to the website and re-read each candle description page (which has many paragraphs) and choose the best candle for their situation. The caller says that they will and we finish our conversation.

The end of the story? No, far from it. Here is the back story. The caller, wants a resolution for a situation that they condoned a long time ago and, they want the outcome in their favor. The caller had a person cheat on them, and they allowed it to happen. Then, by some sort of Grace, the caller “grew a backbone”, and left/removed the cheater from their life, and now, even though the cheater is living with another person, the caller wants the cheater back in their life – and – wants candle burnings or spellwork to do so.

The cheater does not need candles burned for them. But the caller does.


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