Growing up in the 70’s the thing to do was to spend my allowance and babysitting money on vinyl records. I couldn’t wait for the latest favorite offering to be ready at the Tower Records store on the K Street Mall. It was an adventure riding my canary yellow ten-speed bike down West Capitol to the Tower Bridge, and through Old Sacramento and up the K St. Mall to about 7th Street. The alcove of the Tower Records there was painted in a psychedelic theme reminiscent of the artist Peter Maxx. I purchased many records from Tower, and some of the bands and recording artists would would add signatures or messages to their albums when signing the original wax template from which all records would be pressed. This would be in the run out groove area, an area between the “songs” area and the center label with the hole in it for the spindle.  Here is an article that explains it further:

One of my albums at that time was the Eagles “On the Border” album, which had a hidden message on its’ inner run out groove. Although humorous at the age of 15, certain messages from all sources come back around to me again when they are time appropriate.


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“He who hesitates is lunch” – inner wax etching of the Eagles “On the Border” album – 1974 at a time when the band started 1974 with four band members and ended the same year with five.


I have found that statement to be true more than once in my life but truly evident as I do readings for clients and there is a suggestion that returning to your spiritual practices and taking some spiritual action to remedy the issues is given. I cannot count on my two hands the many times that advice has been given, only to be dismissed or delayed by a clients because of various reasons, and that same remedy is no longer relevant to the situation. We are in a state of flux; continuous change that moves, envelopes, blends, and transforms the people in our world and the events that take place. When the message is that a candle burning service or other ritual would and and assist in changing the outcome, the advice is given to be activated within a short period of time before it loses it’s effectiveness.

One Client had a reading session with me and received a subsequent personal e-mail with ritual options to consider and the amount needed to perform them. The e-mail came to the Client a week or so from the reading they received, and it was asked in divination what the ‘window of opportunity’ for the work to be done would be. All was set and with careful thought, the Client could see that there was time to gather the necessary photos, names, birthdates, and other requested items, including funds, needed for the ritual.  This person waited yet another week and a few days more before asking me to reiterate what items was needed (previously noted in the e-mail), and then disappeared again, despite having an invoice waiting to be rectified so that I could begin purchasing items needed for the ritual. The Autumnal time changed happened and no word from the client. Days turned into weeks, and the client’s window of work efficacy was closing as I focused on other readings and candle work.

Soon, the Winter Holidays were upon us, and with that temperatures that dipped into the 20’s at night and 30’s in the daylight hours. Cards were addressed to be mailed, cross country shipping of gifts provided a weekly trip to the post office. The holidays demanded time from me for the family, which is natural, and the year ended with no contact from the Client. I did not give it any thought because many times the job of gathering personal concerns and photos feels daunting to some, and they change their minds on doing the work.



Spring arrived and so did the return of the Client, who decided that they needed to have the work done that was prescribed last Fall. Certainly, but first a new reading was needed, because of the time lapse and changes that might have occurred since the last reading. The Client was hesitant because of the cost of the new reading, and I explained that what was prescribed then could possibly not be effective now because of the time that passed. I reminded the Client that each millisecond we are changing, and the Universe and all of it’s inhabitants are changing, and thus what worked then might not work now. I was being mindful of the Client’s bank account and wanting a best results outcome for the Client, I again mentioned that the best thing to do is to get another reading since some considerable time had passed. They chose to go with the prescribed method that was given to the the previous Fall, and I obliged them since we are Human, and the liberty of Discernment of Decision is what makes us separate and different from other animals. So with all items received from the Client, we proceeded with the previous candle method from before.

As the candle burn work proceeded, we subsequently found out that the Client’s paramour had conceived a child with another person, and that mother-to-be was living in a place provided by the intended target of the Client.  Sad to say, the Client was devastated to learn this through various sources, and cancelled the remaining course of candle sets because of the news. The next phase the Client needed to consider is working on cleansing themselves of the reminder and memory of this person who broke their heart, and to strengthen themselves to heal and gain Trust in the Universe to bring them someone new in the Future.

The lesson of this tale is that when you are given a solution to a problem in a reading, be mindful of the time parameters involved in order to gain the best outcome for your candle burning and spell work. The gaining of funds and or materials needed may take time, and it is only you that can determine how important this is in your life and decision to move forward or not. Take time in a quiet space to think over what was revealed in the reading and act upon it – or decide to let it go, for your sake and the sake of others.



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