I am not sure why, but I get calls from time to time for people who have waited 6 months or longer to try to get their lover back. I hear about nasty breaks ups with clothing flying out the front door, sometimes for seemingly small things, but sometimes for larger things – like unknown children. I often wonder why it took someone so long to figure out that they finally want to ‘move’ on some candle or spell work in attempts to get the one-who-left back. Was it because the one-who-did-the-throwing-out figured that there was better catches ‘out there’? Were they so blown away by the incident that got them in this position so devastating that they were in recovery for a long time? Is it that they are finally feeling lonely and guess ol’ Fred wasn’t so bad as once thought?

I am seriously concerned with the state of behavior and choices that callers have when I speak with them. One example, I had a young woman call me last month, asking questions about candle spells. So, while talking with her, she revealed that the person she was considering to do the spell on had left last fall, and had recently announced his upcoming nuptials around Easter time.

I asked what caused the break up, and it was a secret life that happened before she had met the man; and there was some lingering situations to take care of with the old relationship. When my caller heard about the past-life, she said unkind things and the man left her, going back to that long lost flame from years ago. He was described to me as wanting a chance again with the old relationship, had somehow my caller knew about the wedding-to-be.

So why does this caller want to get back with the man – especially since he left her over what she said about his past life?

More importantly – I was being asked on the effectiveness or percentage thereof of a candle spell to bring him back to her. I had to reiterate as I have done before – there is no guarantees in candle magic or any other kind of magic as well.


Because this type of spell is dealing with another person who may be headstrong and may not want to come back to you even if you were the last human (male or female) on Earth. Spite, anger and all those other nasty feelings might overshadow the ‘good times’ so much so that you will never break though to the knucklehead. I try to tell the caller that the longer you let them be ‘out there’, the longer (and harder) it is to get your love back. Burning Lover Come Back candles will be a long process and the longer you have waited to come to the realization you want them back, the longer it is to bring them back and sometimes it will not work. There is no guarantees in candle spell work or any kind of magickal work. Period.

Sometimes, like the caller, it might be best to let it be. After all, the man has announced his betrothed to another and still, even if they were to get back together, the issue that broke them up still exists and will need to be dealt with accordingly.

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