There is a problem in the room, the house, HERE. There is a reason for the problem being here. There is also a solution for the problem. Let’s consider this situation:

You and your loved one broke up your relationship for a reason. You lost your job for a reason. Something bad happened to you for a reason, and if you don’t know WHAT that reason was, then the liklihood that you have no idea how to prevent it from happening again to you is pretty certain. You can only look at this in two ways:

1.) If you know what happened to cause the event – DO THE SPELLWORK.

2.) If you don’t know what went wrong – GET A READING.

Something that I see often is that someone wants to burn a candle or do spellwork to resolve an issue but truly they do not know what happened to cause the situation to happen in the first place. Many times the person wants to work within a budget, and thinks that what they are doing/are having done is going to rectify the problem, therefore believing it will be eliminated from happening again. This is like the Three Blind Mice poking their white canes into the gutter in Times Square hoping to not get road goo or garbage stuck on their cane.

Let’s apply this methodology to a break up of a couple. One of the first items to consider when working to reunite two lovers is this: does either one of them understand WHY they broke up in the first place? To consider burning a candle to reunite two lovers without understanding the core essence that is the problem, you are considering to be coming into and out of candle shops or contacting a rootworker throughout the year periodically. Why? It is because while the candle may ease the sitaution for a time being, until the issue is resolved or fixed, then whatever broke you two up in the beginning is going to return to cause another break up again. Why? Because the root problem is still there. The infidelity, the lack of respect, the bitchiness, the wandering eye, the side chick/booty call.

Now with this same scenario, if the person wanting to rectify the situation would have gotten a reading before doing candlework, then certain insight would have came through the reading, and would have supported the actual work that would have followed. Remember, you can burn candles all you want, but if that certain candle, with the appropriate petition, anointing oils, and other acroutrements to be used are not the CORRECT items, then you are applying a bandaid to a gaping wound. Nothing will help until you get the RIGHT method and products.



Sometimes I get a call from someone that wants Reconciliation work done for them and a loved one who has broken up with them. I ask them a series of questions, and then give them a brief but powerful “starter” to get some activity in contact or movement towards reconciliation. The “powderkeg” starter that I offer can vary in pricing, depending on how long the couple has been estranged. At that point, the client has to determine whether the cost of the powderkeg ritual is worth the cost of the relationship. Most times unfortunately, the caller does not want to invest in that manner towards a reconciliation.

Because we are humans, we were given the power of Discernment in order to not only identify us from other mammals who may act impulsively or without reason. Discernment allows us to weigh the good and bad, the history with future, the disillusionment with hope. Once we have determined what the root cause of the couple’s issue, or any other issues, then a course of magical action can be implemented. This insures a higher probability of success than just shooting in the dark, so to speak, or burning candle aimlessly hoping that the candle can grasp something to make a reconciliation happen.


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