This entry came to me when I was reading another rootworker’s newsletter. Now, I am making a cofession here – I do read others’ blogposts and such. Why? Because occasionally I do refer clients to others who are more well versed in things than me. I will not claim to be the Wizard of Oz – the be all to end all. This is to keep me grounded and not let the Ego get too big (imagine a helium mylar balloon here) as I write this. When your Ego gets too big or “puffy”, there will be something that comes along to make you humble again.

So, reading this other rootworkers e-mail describing their candle ritual, I click the link and scan the page. One thing that jumps out at me is this – apparently this worker will not contact you (the candle purchaser) unless something is amiss with your candle. The exact statement from this other worker is this: ‘Due to the number of candles that I set, I do not send out reports UNLESS something strange happens with your candle – in which case you will hear from me.’

I stopped to reflect on this as I had just finished with the Lions Gate Candle Ritual in which I changed my pattern of writing a brief report with the final end photo of the empty candle. With all of my other candle services, I take a photo when lit, then if something is happening during the burn, I might take another photo. Then, at the end, I do some divination and then write the Participant about it. On quick one day rituals, I do not do this – the candle ritual is a one day “ingiter effect” candle and is at a special event price in order for many to participate. The longer candle services that require petition creation and photos and such added are at a full price that is affordable to all. The freedom for each worker to set their own prices for their candle services is theirs, and I set mine for those who appreciate the quality for the price. 


Like comparing apples to oranges. Which fruit appeals to you?


It is perfectly fine to inquire around from different workers on what they do and what level of information sharing will they give to you. This gives you  a secure client-to-worker relationship in order to work on your particular situation with ease.


Mama said, “Like comparing apples to oranges” was code words for you look for the simularities and differences on what you about to get and see the value that appeals to your needs. It was an expression of support to choose what is best for you and the comparison is clearly different between the two.


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