The “Mama Said” series are a collection of quotes and sayings that I heard growing up, and now use in my own vocabulary in association to spiritual practices and ritual of today. Enjoy! – J.

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Today is Super Bowl Sunday, and for me, the eve of my Mother’s birthday. February is not an exciting month, even with the two Presidential holidays and Valentine’s Day. It is only 28 days in most years, 29 in others, but February is like the awkward student in the tap dancing class that would have made a better pratfall comedian, whether there was a banana peel or not.

Waking this morning with the threat of snow, looking through e-mails, my eye connects to a pop-up ad that reminds me of the above saying that Mom would say to me from time to time. Funny, as I grow older the euphemisms of our childhood that we considered out of date with the cool lingo of the day ring true more that before.

Leading a horse to water is not the easiest thing to do. Sometimes you need to take the reins and gently jerk them once or twice, and then you might have to give a firm but serious tug to get the animal moving in your direction.  Beasts do have a mind of their own, and given that the animal might have a lingering PTSD with an event with water, you might have to consider multiple commands to make the animal move. The same reaction that the horse gives you may resemble some of the reactions that a seeker of spiritual guidance gives you when the answer is laying in front of them on the table, giving them a possible positive outcome to their dilemma. I say possible positive outcome as nothing is guaranteed with the exception of Death and Taxes, and there is always room for interference in your final goal, but for the most part, you will be moving in the right directions when using the guidance of the wisdom from the divination system you used.

The order for a Money Drawing candle came in without any additional information, and a general petition for increase from all sources was added to the petition, along with the name of the person ordering the candle, and the photo was sent to the via e-mail. The candle burned well, and the final photo of the finished candle and a brief report was sent, all without any commentary from the recipient.

Approximately two-three months later my phone rang, and on it was the person who ordered the candle. In a slow, Southern drawl, the person described how the candle did not bring the desired effects that they wanted. So I asked them what was their desired outcome, since they gave not additional information, and what was their career path or line of work. Their answer was that they were on a permanent fixed income and wanted to buy a house. I asked them if they had mobility of some sort and they said that they were of good body and mind, and did little things around the house. I asked them what did they do while the energy of the candle was putting forth their petition to the Heavens, and the answer was that they did nothing. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. No way.


So I asked them, “Did you think that the candle was going to incite Congress to a special session in order to vote an increase in your monthly payment, which is subject to a government vote for every year for the rest of your life?” Their answer was that they thought the money was just going to come in. I then asked them if they had a hobby, like making something. They said that they did some woodworking in their past. I asked if they every considered making items and selling them at craft fairs, Etsy, or any other means of selling. I asked them if they thought to become a “Honey Do”man – usually a retired gentleman who does light carpentry and odd jobs for senior citizens who cannot do them for themselves – like hanging porch screens or light painting or cutting the grass. They did not consider that as they were hanging around home watching their much-younger lady friend and her daily actions. Hell, if you have to keep an eye on her, grab her up in the truck and take her along with you, right?

The candle will not doit all” for you without you being an integral part of that forward movement in your life. Using the power of the prayer petition and that constant light emitting energy upwards to the Heavens, make bold moves towards making the best of that 7 days of attention that you are drawing to you and your specific needs. Don’t sit on the sofa and wait for opportunity to ring the doorbell. You might not be able to answer the door.

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Mama said, ‘You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink’ was used to describe someone who was shown exactly what was needed to do, yet they stood by and did not do anything.  The moment of opportunity was not taken because of fear, defiance, or being uneducated to take guidance and advice.



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