Have you ever made homemade chili, spaghetti sauce, stew, or soup?  In a nutshell, you take all your fresh vegetables and dice and slice them, brown your meat, carmelize your onions and garlic, combine them all in a large pasta or bean pot with a lid. You then season with spice and salt, covering the pot to allow the juices and flavors combine into a delicious meal.

Now consider the many members of a household coming in, taking a spoonful of liquid and tasting it, then adding their own combination of additives, spices, extra vegetables, or something else into the sauce or soup. If this happens more than once, then the probability of over salting or spicing increases, or the flavor of the stew or chili changes, and it is not as appitizing as it initally was in the beginning.

When too many ‘cooks’, or in this case, people who want to add their own “little sumptin'” to the pot, makes the whole contents something that is not as delicious as it could have been if everyone had left well enough alone.



Spellwork can be like this as well. Consider this, a person consults a spiritual reader and during the consultation, certain information and possible works that can be done to aid and assist the Querent (the one getting the reading) in solving the problem. The two conclude the session with the Querent not making any decisions on moving forward on work, claiming that they want to take some time to think things over. Instead, the Querent goes out and looks for another reader, perhaps because they did not like what the first reader revealed or the pricing of the work involved – absolutly perfectly good reasons to seek the spiritual advice of another – and the new consultant may support the first readers’ suggestions or it may be in conflict with the previous information.

The Querent (client) begins a confusing spiral downward into a conversation that can go something like this:

Querent: “But wait, I got a reading the other day with someone that told me I had to light a white candle to St. Michael for protection…..”

Second Reader: “Deoending on how long ago your got this, things could have changed and the new suggested course of action should be….”

Querent: “Well, can I have a St. Michael candle AND what you are suggsting that I do?”

This is the beginning of Confusion. What one reader heard from the Querent could be totally different than what the second reader heard. Remember the Telephone Game we used to play as kids? We would sit in a circle,then someone would start the “story” and whisper it into the person on their left’s ear, then that person would whisper what they understood to hear into the next person’s ear, and so on and so on. Then, at the end of the circle, the last recipient of the message would announce what they heard outloud, which was most likely not the same as the original message, and we would all have a good giggle over the story.

Now consider this in your spiritual practices and spell work. If you are advised to burn X amount of candles, please consider allowing that reader some credibility and do the work with them. If, after your work has finished with them, and you are not satisfied with the outcome, then and only then consider going to another spiritual worker. Another idea is to allow the first worker to do work on one portion of the situation, and then allow another person to do the work on the second portion of the work. This is a good way to balance the energies and contrast the work of each, while getting aid and assistance in making those changes you want to happen.

Don’t allow too many cooks– er- readers/spiritual workers spoil your “soup” of work that you are getting done. Let them get their own pot and start from scratch. That way, Mama still has her own ‘recipe’ intact and ready to serve you.

Mama said, ‘Too many cooks spoil the soup’ was said to someone who was critiquing or commenting on the way she was cooking something in order to deliver a “warning” that no one should be messing with her cooking as she had her own way of doing things around the kitchen.



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