A potential client asks me to help break up a marriage. I told them that I would not do it. They tried to direct me to websites that talks about how to do breakup work “if it is justified.”  Interesting, I thought, as since they did the research on the subject, then why would they not have enough confidence to do the work themselves?

A little historical/cultural background here.  One website touts that despite the ‘drama’ and chaos that you will create, it is YOUR happiness that matters and therefore, the dirty deed is “justified”. Another site goes on the say that if it in the case of adultery or cheating, and you want to get rid of the “side h*e”, then break up spell work is the traditional and most effective method to employ for all parties concerned.

Stop there.

Let’s examine why you are in a tizzy to go sprinkling powders, lighting candles and throwing curses. In most cases, it is because one person in a committed relationship ‘stepped out’ or cheated on the other. For whatever reason, that offender had a more-than-momentary-lapse-of-consciousness and continued to follow their hormonal surge, whether it was a female or male whose actions are scandalous.

The one that was the ‘victim’, meaning the one that was cheated ON, is heartbroken, and their TRUST that they had in the other has now dissipated. This person is hurt and wants revenge, no matter what form or fashion it materializes.

The victim could represent more than one person as well, as in the case of the wife or husband AND the side piece. The main offender is the one in the middle catching something from both sides. I call them the “Marie Antionettes” – the ones who want their ‘cake’ and eat it, too! The sense of justification could come from both the faithful spouse or partner AND the one on the side, because both TRUSTED the person and that is the common denominator in this tangled web they’ve woven.

OK, so here is where I stand on my point in this issue. In many cases, there is children, property, possessions, lives – all intertwined with another person, that could potentially unravel and cause major grief and poverty to one or more involved. The break up spell is NOT going to change a person’s ways. My mother told me long ago that once the hound gets into the hen house and kills a chicken, you have to destroy the dog because he remembers the taste of blood. I did not fully understand her country-style message until I asked her some time in the future to explain. She said that the human’s nature is that if you were curious to venture so far that you satisfied that ‘itch’, nothing will be more satisfying  than to ‘re-visit’ that scenario to “taste it again”. In other words, most likely the offender will do it again.

All breakup up spells don’t address fidelity and trust, two things lost in the actions of a person. Many times it is the “side thang” wanting the other one to leave their spouse. How can you be sure that they will not do the same to you as they done to them? Are you that fantastic in the kitchen or the bed? Really now.  Sometimes it is the one that was cheated on that wants the side piece to go away. What is prevalent here is that there are three people who have self-esteem issues of various degrees that all need to grow and mature.

For the person on the side, how about we perform a self empowering spell so you won’t want to try and STEAL another person’s spouse whom they took vows or conceived children with? For the spouse whose trust has been crossed, how about a self-esteem candle so you can gain the backbone to face the issue? To the one who is cheating, how about a clarity spell so you can really focus on what the root of your problem is so you can heal.

Sometimes it is the utmost and absolutely necessary to look in the mirror and face the consequences you see coming to you so that you can make amends if you can, cut ties with things and people who have disappointed you and to look for a dedicated person with whom to build a strong relationship with instead of tearing each other apart. Time to call out “B*llsh*t!” and stop creating your own misery and start to build yourself up again. The life you save may be your own.


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