There is 8 inches of snow on the ground and a promise of snow on Christmas Eve, all in time for blanketing the town into a slumber for a quiet holiday. Me, well, I’m sewing poppet dolls for the New Year’s Ever Banishing Negativity Burn that I host each year to drive away negativity of the past year to welcome in a New Year with fresh beginnings. I will also be FaceTiming the grandkids opening their packages while my guy makes his to-die-for Cajun Gumbo (Cajun gumbo being “green” in color; the red color gumbo is considered Creole, for the use of tomatoes in it – a little tidbit of “Lozieana” culture you know know!). I am confident that 2021 will be a most tender of years we have had once we hits this third, and last peak – of coronavirus in early Spring. We might be able to hug each other by September (my prediction).

So because the holiday is upon us I will keep this one brief. Here is a list of special events I am doing to end the year off right!

*  Dec. 27 – 31 – All readings are $1.99/minute by calling me at 1-877-675-2254 (aka 1-877-MsJacki)   9 am Eastern to 12 midnight Eastern (6 am Pacific to 9 pm Pacific)

*  Dec 31, 2020 – Banishing Negativity Burn on New Year’s Eve – read more about this yearly event by clicking this link:

The 2020 Banishing Negativity Burn Ritual New Year’s Eve – 12/31/2020

*  Jan. 1- 5 – All readings are $1.00/minute – my way of giving to you a great reading at an equally great price! 1-877-675-2254 (aka 1-877-MsJacki)   9 am Eastern to 12 midnight Eastern (6 am Pacific to 9 pm Pacific).

New reading hours will be posted January 6, 2021

Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers this holiday season, please enjoy that bit of brandy, hot cocoa, peppermint bark or champagne on the 31st being safe, and warm, and well.

Happy Holidays!


Rev. Sister Jacqueline






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