This is the time of year where I start to label my notebooks for the next year. These unassuming $1.00 wire spiral bound back-to-school specials from the office supply store contain notes and phone numbers of each of you that I have been in contact with for that year (plus a few other personal notes about doctor’s appointments and the next cheer competition for my granddaughter). It is a written history of my work with you, and the three notebooks that I go through each year get filed in a file cabinet for future use. I have been on the Internet for over 16 years with Tarot by Jacqueline (reading for over 30 years total) and with my other two sites,

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I see that I have written a LOT of information, spells, recipes, and more over the years. Thank you WayBackMachine. IYKYK.

I go over in my mind the success and failure of certain ‘specials’ I have run for clients new and existing. I think about the reception of them and then wonder if I should re-run them again (like the one hour free reading that I chose 100 people of which only 1 person took advantage). I forecast the summer specials and when I know I will be traveling and blocking those dates out in my online calendar.  I am tossing old bill receipts and flyers I was saving to see if I could take advantage of the sale on them, only to be too busy to do so. I am shredding documents from years ago, because the 10 year moratorium on saving stuff for taxes has passed. As I do, I may uncover an oil recipe, or a birthday card from one of my children. The cleaning off of the top of the desk is a major event that usually spawns a couple of small boxes of memories to be sent to one family member or the other, when I uncover the quartz crystal meant for one of the twins, that was logged in the corner of a book.

The years go by, the projects pile higher, and before you know, another year has passed.

This newsletter is not about me however: it is about you. YOU. 

I am encouraging that between the wrapping, baking, decorating, and caroling, that you take time to weed out and prepare for the new. What new, you ask? The new year of YOU. 2023. With all of the promises of the unknown to come, you can take charge and set some plans in stone – err maybe on paper – on what you want to achieve. 

I have a little something to share with you as well but not yet. Let’s clear up and clean out the unnecessary of 2022 that we do not have to carry through to the New Year 2023.

Until then, have a cozy holiday season and lots of (insert your favorite beverage here). I will be available for you if you need a reading. Just text me. 916 * 284 * 5552.


Merry Merry and Happy New Year!

Sister Jacqueline

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