July is the month that we celebrate America’s birthday – July 4th, which was the day that is considered the day that the Constitution of the United States was signed, although some of the Statesmen and Founding Fathers whose signatures are on this sacred document were in different locations on July 4th. They added their signatures at a later date. July 4th was considered the date of Independence from England. Ironically, or maybe not, this date falls within the second Decan of the cardinal sign of Cancer – which may solidify Cancers nurturing qualities for Home and Family. Interesting enough, many of America’s concerns are regarding homeland, security, and the family. Each zodiac sign has three decans – or sections – to the time that the Sun is under the influence of that particular astrological sign. Decans are a way to identify and break down the redeeming qualities of each sign within three groups of ten degrees each set.  You can find more on your own decan of your sign by going here:  https://darkstarastrology.com/horoscope-decans/

July also marks the midway point of the Year and the questions on many minds are “What have you accomplished so far this year?” and “What’s the plan for the rest of the Year?” While many are completing cycles of their lives (such as scholars and graduates), many are already planning for the Fall with Back-to-School shopping to commence soon. There is time to take a break, but the Summer Solstice reminds us that the days are getting shorter and you may notice that sunrise is just a wee bit later each morning. Now is the time to start planning for the oncoming seasons and end of 2022.



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