The official first day of Summer is June 21st, but the heat in the West and Southwest is mirroring what it usually is in August. I am getting reacquainted with the California heat, which is much drier than the East Coast summers, as the humidity back East is enough to melt you at 90 degrees on the thermometer.

There is also other types of “heat” that are flaring up that are indicative of Summer. Tempers, barbeques, and the incidents of fires to vegetation and forests occur in summer. It is as if the Sun reawakens some to “flame out and flame on” with issues that may or may not be productive in the long run. Making sure cool heads prevail while we see major and severe economic changes paying out each day at the gas pump and the grocery stores. If you have not done so, it might be productive to plant a “victory garden” of sorts with produce that will cool you off in the heat such as cucumbers and sweet bell peppers. It is not necessary to heat up the home by cooking to have a nutritious meal. I tend to gravitate to salads and sandwiches when it gets too hot, and sometimes a bowl of vanilla yogurt with fruit when it is just to hot to move. 

Keeping hydrated is also another important thing to do to keep your wits about you when it is hot and you just cannot seem to handle day-to-day events. When you are dehydrated, your body is in a quasi-panic mode, as it gets the signal that there might not be more liquids coming soon, and the body reacts accordingly. A human can live longer without food than water. Our bodies are made up of a large amount of water, and without it we start having body function failure. Keep a bottle of water nearby at all times, including the nighttime, when you can sip when you are parched.



Celestially, we have no Mercury Retrogrades to worry about (next one is in September) so the best thing to to is stay the course and persevere. This is the time to burn candles for Success, Boss Fix, Road Opening, and Good Luck. Make sure your candle devotions are placed in a fire-safe container and away from curtains, children, and pets. Write your petitions asking the Universe, Heavens, Saints, and Angels for stability at home and at work, discernment in spending resources, peace within the home and family, and thankfulness for blessings received.


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