Spring is almost here. The Sun seems to be shining more and the dawn’s chill is more tolerable. Yesterday, the Blue Jay was on the outermost branch of the oak tree outside my office, cocking his head and peering at me as if to say, “Get off that Computer and get me some birdseed, Woman!”.  The snow is melted and deer and rabbits are leaving their paw and hoof prints in the mud pit of a backyard I have currently. Maybe this year is the year the raised beds and the pea gravel gets put it. Time will tell.

With this change in season, I am making some changes in my life as well for the better. I am working on improvement in all areas and these changes will be revealed to you in the months to come. I am urging you to also make some changes to your lifestyle to increase your positivity and to clean out the unwanted and the no longer needed. Spring is about renewal and there is renewal on many layers coming in the next few months.

Magical Days in March

* March 13 – New Moon in Pisces – good time to light candle to enhance your spiritual power

* March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day – Beloved Patron Saint of Ireland

* March 18 – Feast of St. Joseph – Step-Father of Jesus

* March 20 – First Day of Spring – Enjoy the day and plant some seeds

* March 28 – Full Moon in Libra  – seek balance, empathy, fairness, and equality

* March 28 – Palm Sunday – Braid palm fronds into a cross and tack over front door for blessings

Recent articles posted to the Tarot by Jacqueline website:

“When in Doubt, Get a Reading First” – https://tarotbyjacqueline.com/tarot-by-jacqueline-when-in-doubt-get-a-reading-first/

“Being Honest with Your Spiritual “Ride or Die” – https://tarotbyjacqueline.com/tarot-by-jacqueline-being-honest-with-your-spiritual-ride-or-die/


The Early Spring Tarot Reading Calendar has been posted and there will be additional times listed in April as the time changes and we experience more light in the evening. All candle services will be paused until late Spring for seasonal changes.


Free Candle Spells News

Did you know that my other site,  www.freecandlespells.com  has been in existence since 2008? With 682 posts on subjects such as candles, baths, herbs, Moon cycles, hoodoo products, rituals and more, it will become your “GO TO” for all types of information.

New articles posted on Free Candle Spells:

“Protection Bath with St. Michael the Archangel”    https://free-candle-spells.com/2021/03/02/free-candle-spells-protection-bath-with-st-michael-the-archangel/


Lucky 13 Clover News

This month’s coupon gives you 21% off your total order. Just type in MAR21 when asked if you have a coupon for a total order discount! Start shopping at  www.lucky13clover.com


That’s it for now! Stay safe and well!


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