It has been a long Winter and we are starting to see slight temperature changes to indicate that Spring is not too far away. Now that there are COVID mandate changes for us, we can cautiously start to breathe a sigh of relief and begin to plan for the near future.

March is a month where we can see and feel little changes in the season and the oncoming warmth of Spring. While it may still be  snowy in the northern regions, most of us can start considering planting and refreshing our homes and gardens in hopes of  beautiful fresh surroundings to inspire and enlighten.

Fairs and festivals will start happening again and I also have plans to make a trip to California in summer, so my friends on the West Coast can come get a reading in person. I will keep you notified when I will be in California so we can plan an appointment.

I am taking a break from scheduled readings on Sundays, as it is a day of rest however if you are in need of an emergency reading on a Sunday, I can be contacted by text at 916 – 284 – 5552. I will answer you shortly after receiving your text and let you know if I am available. The cost for an emergency reading on Sunday is $75.00. The reading is an hour long but for most times we go a few minutes over.

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Spell of the Season

Cleanse and Clear


1 cup Dr. Broner’s Liquid Castile Soap in Peppermint

1 cap (cake) Cascarilla, crushed to powder-like consistancy

1 Cup Epsom Salts

Juice of one lemon

Take all ingredients and place in glass or ceramic bowl. Mix well. It will look a little dry and crumbly but that is ok. Step naked into shower to get wet, then turn water off. Dip a wash cloth into mix and rub your skin. Do not use on face and genital areas. Rub mixture over body from top to bottom, all the while imagining that you are sloughing off old skin and old ways. Turn on water and rinse and repeat if necessary until you feel refreshed and cleansed.


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Lucky 13 Clover will go on Spring hiatus break on April 10, 2022 and will not be shipping orders until late Spring. This annual pause in production and sales allows the staff to take a well deserved break during Spring to return refreshed and ready to create and researchtraditional herbs, roots, and items for your hoodoo spells and work.

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