The concept of checking with an another reader or root worker is something I have touched on before in a previous article here in the blog. I wrote about it because I felt it is important for you to be reassured that the work you have contracted to have done for you is correctly diagnosed and properly assigned the right herbs, roots, candles, rituals, and more through the use of divination. When asking about the proper methodology of another’s work, divination can be useful to ease your tension and worry about the efficaciousness of the work, especially in these most recent economically trying times.

A very different scenario comes up when being fiscally cognizant of your expenditures with magic is the contrast and comparison between two or more conjurers or rootworkers. Where the line is drawn in regards to materials used, quality of candles used, strength of material magica and more in regards to revelation is not considered respectful if you take one spiritual worker’s messages to you and “shop around” for a lesser priced worker to produce the same effects. That would be like me taking a designer purse to the Fashion Mart area of Los Angeles and ask someone in a sweat shop to recreate the purse. A “knock off” purse with different products might produce a less-than-quality outcome and might also cause a legal issue as well.  Knowledge, as well as spells, can be proprietary – meaning my method of doing things and the things I use are mine alone. Sure, I may get ground cloves at the supermarket to use in an anointing oil, but the quantity of cloves and the hours I spent steeping them in the oil with prayers and candlelight is my concoction and it is my discretion whether I want to share or not.



Think of it like this – your Grandma bakes a chocolate cake from scratch and so does mine. My grandmother may put day old coffee and vanilla in it while yours might use mayonnaise instead of eggs. Do both Grandmothers produce a chocolate cake? Sure they do, as it has flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and few other items in it, but the addition of their own ingredients – or the times they stir the spoon around in the bowl – remains their own “stuff”.

The same is with hoodoo products and procedures. When one person suggests or teaches you something, then going to another person for validation or reassurance that the first person was correct may not give you the results you want because of each of these root workers experience and study of methodology. For example, many say that Basil is a good all-around money drawing herb that you can pick up at the local grocery store, but there is also other inherent qualities that certain cultures and methods use for yet a completely other reason. If you are in doubt regarding a suggestion for a ritual or product from one worker, then do research yourself through various means to give you the assurance that your worker is suggesting the correct method for your intended outcome.



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