There are many signs of negative spiritual spellwork, jinx, or curse symptoms that people exhibit. Catastrophic events and marked changes in a person’s behavior are two of the many symptoms that are evident when someone has been placed under a spell or curse. Although there may also be changes occurring in the person’s environment as well, it is the demeanor and method of how they act and the manner in which they behave under said circumstances that would indicate that something is ‘jes’ not right”.

Being aware and vigilant to ensure that no one is trying to enslave or capture you, or damage you and your loved ones and family by cursing, jinxing or “crossing you up”. There are certain physical and psychological symptoms that are characteristic of negative spiritual work.

First and foremost, you should rule out any possibility of true physical and psychological causes that may require a medical team to investigate and cure. Many symptoms of a curse or being under a spell can mimic true physical and psychological symptoms and deferring to quality medical care should always be considered FIRST before spiritual work.

Here are some clues and steps to choose if you believe you are being spiritually attacked, jinxed, hoodoo’ed or cursed:

1.) Do not be Afraid – Feeling fearful enhances the spell and makes you feel more vulnerable as it can actually enhance the power of the spell by attaching to the energy of fear.

2.) Rule out Natural Causes – Always defer to ruling out natural causes before turning to things spiritual as it is important to treat the cause of any problem at it’s root.

3.) Low Energy, Exhaustion, Weakness, Dizziness, Fainting – If not natural in origin, all may be symptomatic of someone under a “crossed condition” or spiritual attack.

4.) Mood Swings, Change in Personality, or Uncontrollable Anger – This may occur during certain times of day and can be a symptom of someone who is experiencing being under a spell or cursed. Also, uncontrollable tears or maniacal laughter can also be a sign of spiritual possession.

5.) Sudden or Sporadic Memory Loss or Concentration – If there is no medical reason for these periods of confusion, then you may want to consider being under a spell.

6.) Hearing Voices – Many under the influence of spirits will talk about hearing things talk to them or voices in the air. After ruling out any medical interventions, when asked, the afflicted may be able to give you a name or description of the entity that is talking to them.

7.) Uncontrollable Speech or Motor Control – If someone is failing to communicate well and cannot control their body movements, it may be a symptom of being under a spell.

8.) Sudden Spousal Abuse or Domestic Violence – If a once harmonious relationship turns violent, this can be a symptom that your relationship is under spiritual attack. Also, once tender lovemaking is now turning exceptionally violent and brutal, can also be a sign of spiritual possession.

9.) Sudden Changes in Relationships, Sexual Desire or Jealousy – If someone suddenly becomes intensely jealous, over-possessive or break off a relationship without cause or reason, they may be under a control spell. Dreams of hurting a loved one or being attacked by a lover while dreaming can also be indicative of a curse.

10.) Walking and Talking in Sleep, or Nightmares – All have natural causes but after ruling out a physical origin, then you can consider this possession by an entity. Dreams or babbling about spirits, voodoo or creatures stealing your soul are common topics of this nature.

11.) Sudden Onset of Nervousness, Asthma, Epileptic-like Seizures – After ruling out any organic origins with a medical professional, you can consider them symptoms of being under spiritual attack or a spell.

12.) Sudden Reversal of Drug or Alcohol Usage – If a person uses drugs or consumes alcohol on a regular basis suddenly stops or reacts with physical violent vomiting when consumed, can be considered a symptom of a curse as the spirit or entity controlling the person does not like the competition with a substance that can lessen the negative spell effects.

13.) Persistent or Aggressive Disease – If after medical treatments have not produced any relief or cure, you may want to consider that the symptoms are indicative of having an underlying spiritual cause.

14.) Uncontrollable Urges, Aggressive Impulses – If no medical cause is present, then sudden acts of behavior or violence can be considered signs of being under a spell.

15.) Sudden Interest in Death, Murder or Suicide – Please seek medical attention first to rule out the origin of this behavior. After seeking medical intervention, consider a series of spiritual baths to release harmful spirits.


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