While working with my participants in the Prosperity Experiment Candle Service, a month-long candle service for those wanting to increase their abundance to apply and focus on certain financial issues, it is always a great boost to the energy of the group when a blessing comes through in the first week, or within the 30 days. People get all a-flutter when I post, ‘Someone in our group just had a $100.00 scratcher ticket’, or ‘Another participant just had their book go under consideration for a big time publisher!!!’ These little “victories” keep us grounded in our own manifesting energy  while celebrating another’s success.

So what happens if after the 30 days have passed, maybe stretching out to a month or two? Does this mean that you were not worthy of blessings during your candle service or that you got a wing when you wanted a thigh of chicken? No, not at all.

When doing candle work for a certain situation, you have to consider the variables. Maybe that love interest is for you – but just not at this time. Why? Well, maybe they are in a sticky relationship and they need to break free completely before meeting/dating you. Passed over for a raise? I always tell people to watch “The Devil Wears Prada”. In this movie, Andy, played by Anne Hathaway, wanted a “dream” job working for head honcho Miranda Priestley, played my Meryl Streep. After jumping through hoops for this (insert objectionable language adjective here) of a boss, Andy realized the sacrifices she has made was not worth the ‘payoffs’. What if…you were ‘picked over’ for the person who will not only encounter this type of boss, but also saves you from metal torment and puts you in a tailspin in the office? You’ve been SAVED, chile!

It could very well be that the financial blessing you were expecting NOW might be in a more dire of need next month or even later – like when the transmission goes out, braces are needed on the child, or something of an important nature materializes. THIS is when you needed the blessing, and when it might come in.


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