“Smiling faces sometimes
Pretend to be your friend
Smiling faces show no traces

Of the evil that lurks within (can you dig it?)” – “Smilin’ Faces” by the Undisputed Truth

Who would have known that this song, recorded in 1971 would have a little hoodoo and conjure folklore in it? I have always love this song, with it’s suspicious string opening rising to a crescendo before the thump of funky scratching guitar signals you to settle down to listen and learn. This song, along with “Backstabbers’ by the O’Jays clearly comes straight from the rootworker’s mouth. Both of these great songs can be heard on YouTube.com
 * * * * * * *
When doing a reading for someone who has had a longer-than-normal streak of “Bad Luck” or a continuous one-after-the-other string of missed opportunities, cancelled agreements, passed over promotions and raises and other misfortunes, it is time to take a look at the Querent’s (the person getting the reading) lifestyle and social contacts. This may seem odd to the reader, but believe me you might see a pattern that develops once reading through this article.
Let’s imagine a person who is struggling to get ahead. They might be atoning for past mistakes and “sins”, and making restitution on said offenses (because what goes around comes around), but time-after-time they get passed up, over, and around when a simple blessing or spark of “Good Luck” should come their way. The person starts to believe that they are cursed, jinxed, “crossed up” or that someone has been doing ‘work’ on them to allow constant disappointment and misfortune to happen to them. While this indeed may be true, let’s consider looking at other events that may be hampering their success in life. Sure we all have those months or time streaks that make you ask “what else could go possibly wrong?”, but a continued pattern of “Whammies” (my word for unfortunate events) that occur will start you to believing that something is just not right.
“Girl, I see you all over Social Media!!!”
As we evolve as a society ever dependent on technology, we are are between a rock and a hard spot as to WHEN we should use said technology to make things public. We have seen many times that cell phones videos have recorded newsworthy events, but please do not believe that all viewers of your fab beach shots with the margarita glass are in favor of that behavior. They are jealous. When using social media to record or announce your availability to friends, family, or clients, it is best to be discreet. Give them a hint of what is happening, but do not post an actual play-by-play of what is happening with you. Those looking to mess up your plans will calculate their candle burning or other ill will intention work on you during that time. Think about it, you might not want your “frenemies” to know what time or day you are skydiving…….’nuff said.
“Rubbin’ it in mah face like cold cream!”
In order to ‘get ahead’, discretion is important during the time BEFORE you finalize ANYTHING. Why? Because your enemy is watching for a good time to throw a ‘wrench into the gears’ and that grind will come to a sudden stop. This goes for anything you consider a “step up” in the World – a marriage, buying a new car, buying a home (whether new or not – it is ‘new’ to you), going on a vacation, new jewelry – anything. Those “frenemies” want the good life, too.  Don’t announce that you are going to Tiffany’s tomorrow because you’re in New York and you want to reward yourself with something sparkly. If they are envious or jealous of you, what you do, what you’ve got – whatever- you can be sure that your name is in their mouth!
“Keepin’ it on the low-low”
When you score, you want to scream it from the mountain tops that something fabulous is happening to you, it is best to K.I.T.Y. – Keep It To Yourself. Even in those times where money is tight and you are trying to find those 101 ways with ramen noodles, don’t announce it as some people might want to keep you in hard times. When asked, just say “Everything is the same ole’ same ole'” or say “Life is Good” – because it is, even when it is tough.
Tricks to keep away jealousy, misery, envy that you can’t see
Some of the traditional hoodoo and other belief-driven items to wear and carry to minimize these incidents include the blue evil eye charm or beads, the Hamsa hand, a small personal mojo bag to wear or carry, St. Michael medal, baths and candles to remove jinxes and offer protection. These are great items to use but the most effective tool to use (or rather, NOT use) is your mouth.
Getting a raise or promotion? – keep your mouth closed.
Wanting a new position or job? – keep your mouth closed.
Buying a new car or house? – keep your mouth closed.
Going back to school or more classes? – keep your mouth closed.
Got a lover or getting married? – keep your mouth closed.
Going on vacation or traveling to a special event? – keep your mouth closed.
A great majority of time the reason that our dreams/visions don’t materialize when they are supposed to, is because we shared our news too soon to the wrong people and at the wrong time. A great majority of those you associate with want you to do as well as they do, but they are challenged by your hustle and success for hard work. This includes family as well, as your success is a reflection on how much they are NOT hustling to have a better life. Your true friends and supporters are few, and even their jealousy is on a lower key level but enough to break down what could have been a success by the gossiping and chit-chatting behind your back. This way, the plan as laid down by God will manifest with little to no problems for you. Let your successes be revealed naturally to then at a time that the Saints, Angels, and Heavens want it to be revealed.

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