There was once an individual who wanted a green money attraction candle burned for themselves. The candle was lit, and the final candle diagnosis was that things should be coming around and money should be flowing easier into the household.

One afternoon, I receive a call from this person. Some time had passed – I would be fair to say maybe 4 months or so, and the individual imparted their personal feelings regarding the outcome of the candle. They said that they ‘hadn’t really see any significant increase in the money’ coming in. I wanted to understand them and help them with options they could consider to aid and assist them in getting to a higher financial level than where they were at.

I asked a couple of questions regarding career or line of work, The told me that they were retired for some time, and that theirs was a stream of income that was not subject to change in any time soon. I then asked them if they had good use of their arms, hands, and legs. They answered yes they had a good range of motion and ability to walk and move. I asked them if they had any talents. They answered that they did a little woodworking and helped a friend put up a fence and things like that. I also touched on their spending habits, which may result in additional money to be available as needed.

So, my next few questions and statements were something that caused them to be quiet and listen. I asked  them if they could make things and either sell them on Ebay or at craft fairs. I asked them if they could get some business cards and hand them out to the elderly who may need a screen replaced or a lawn to be mowed. I asked them if there were any restrictions in doing odd jobs in the neighborhood that would bring in $50-$200 a week, depending on amount of work.

There was a quiet pause, then they said something to the effect that they thought the candle service was going to bring in money without putting any effort into it. I then asked them if they truly thought that the candle service was going to ask Congress to hold a special session in order to increase Governmental payments that already get a cost of living increase each year? The comeback was astounding.



They did.

This individual used the energy being put forth for the candle service in a very (insert your best descriptive word here) way so that this person would not have to do anything and money would just flow to them? What? I have never experienced, or know of anyone where money just “fell from the sky”. I have heard of a few individuals who won the Lottery (because they played), or was given a gift of some monetary amount because of being in the right place at the right time or doing something that was honorable and a reward was given.

Even those wildly successful people we admire in the Universe work (in one form or fashion) for it. defines work as “exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; toil. To be productive or operative activity.” Even models, who we believe lay or stand around in gorgeous clothes, work. Their work is preparing the body to hold the clothes in a manner to promote the clothes for consumer consumption (meaning they model the clothes so we buy them).

I suggested to the caller that they try making fishing lures at home and selling them, maybe becoming the neighborhood “Honey-Do” fixer-upper person, make seasonal items to sell at holiday flea markets and bazaars – anything – to increase their income of money, especially since they wanted to purchase a home. I encouraged them to do some research on Vision Boards and place a photo of a home in the center of the board and surround the photo with other images of how to be happily working towards that dream of home ownership.

Lastly, I an encouraging you dear reader, to steady your pace and really think about how to harness all the positive energy of a candle burning service in order to increase (or decrease – depending on the situation) the outcome of your efforts in order to  achieve your goals. Remember that I and others that do spiritual work, are here to aid and assist you in your goals, and that working in tandem had proven over again that success is possible, if you work it!


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