As we continue to evolve into a worldwide community that is ever increasing our usage of digital devices, many believe that a psychic or tarot reading conducted over various devices of communication such as e-mail, telephone, or video chat is less effective or less accurate than an in person reading. Given that we currently are working within the realm of a pandemic nonetheless, this could be farther from the truth. There are many reasons that distance readings can be actually better for you than meeting face to face. Agreeably, seeking psychic services in times of uncertainty aid and assist you in making effective choices for your life, the manner in which you receive the messages are no superior from in person or long distance. Many have asked me the question whether a telephone tarot reading as effective as in person and the answer is most certainly YES!


Flexibility in Connection

One of the first benefits for distance psychic services is Time. We can all agree that there is only so many hours in a day, and our career and family take up a great deal of our time. When you do have a moment or two to yourself, it is enjoyable that there are readers who are available on your schedule, or can be booked for a consultation at a time that is agreeable to the both of you. When you book an in person reading, you have to maneuver through traffic both to and back to your home, making sure you have adequate childcare if you are a parent, or other considerations in order to receive psychic guidance. Telephone and video readings are more flexible for today’s busy individual.


More Concentration on the Reading

When a client comes to an office or home for a consultation, the new surroundings can be distracting as the décor or ambiance could be a factor in distraction in the concentration of the client. The visitor may be nervous and may have an easier time in concentrating and receiving messages and information from an area familiar to them such as their living room or bedroom. Remote readings should not affect accuracy, but focus will be enhanced in a comfortable situation for the client, as they will open up and delve in the issues pertaining to the consultation. Another positive effect is that your psychic reader will be less likely to be influenced by unintentional bias in the reading. When a reader does an in person reading, sometimes a client’s behavior or concerns could impact the reading. Without any preconceived impressions, the reader has a “blank slate” and can impart true psychic messages through their divination system to the client, resulting in a more accurate reading without subtle influences creating a predisposition for the reading.


Remaining Anonymous

Occasionally, we readers encounter callers with some degree of recognition, such as an up and coming influencer or musician, who wants answers regarding their future. Remaining anonymous is a great concern for them, as there are concerns of identity theft or blackmail if certain information is exposed to the public. When a caller books with a reader through the telephone or Internet, their identity is kept a secret, as they can use another name such as “Mary” or “Joe” without revealing their true identity. They are not able to reveal their faces if they do not want to (especially in the case of video chat services) and can choose to keep the camera in the off position while talking through the microphone. The client is afforded privacy, solitude and security that they may not receive with an in person reading.


Ultimately, the desire to reduce any nervousness regarding readings and to be able to relax and connect with a psychic is the goal for callers to aim for in remote readings. Rather than worrying about presentation, demeanor, or any other superficiality, clients can feel free to welcome readings with any judgment. Preparing yourself for an informative and thoughtful session can be had by getting into a comfortable area of your home without distraction from family or pets, having a pen and paper to jot notes, setting the mood by lighting some incense or a scented candle, sipping tea or another beverage you enjoy, and taking some deep breaths before asking your first question is the beginning to a great psychic reading session to make some decisive changes to shape your future. Your tarot or psychic reader is your companion to aid and assist you in a brighter future. Book an appointment today and plan for a great reading with a professional who has experience in their divination system to help you and others.



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