For many years the idea of going to secondhand stores and garage sales to gather gently reused items and clothing has been a trend, and vintage clothing shops are seeing the emergence in the popularity of bohemian and mid-modern fashion and furniture this past year.  For many, the idea of taking a phonograph console or some velvet tufted wing chairs that belong to someone’s Mom or Grandparents seems cool, especially when cleaned and refinished or repainted in groovy mandala patterns and paints. Many have started to dress in similarly vintage treasures such as crocheted vest and ponchos, bell bottomed Levi’s and East Indian inspired fabrics.  For the environmentalist, upcycling clothing and usable products from another era is good for the Earth as it reduces landfill bulk. But there is more to what you see sometimes when carting home that papasan chair or the granny square afghan blanket. You may also be bringing home spiritual attachments into your life and dwelling, which may be problematic and hard to dispel.

Have you ever known someone that changed their behavior or demeanor to something totally different in a short period of time? This could be because of certain personal stressors or events in their life but it could also be because of a detached entity or spirit that has attached themselves to the person. Zak Bagans, who produces the Travel Channel’s show “Ghost Adventures”, repeatedly warms and protects himself and other crew members from spiritual attachments that can change their physical and mental energies because of possession.

Sometimes people who have empath abilities can “feel” or pick up energies from spirits that have passed. They can also pick up these same energies, messages, or characteristics from articles of clothing or by visiting a place. There have been many people that have known or heard about someone who had a radical change of behavior after visiting a place such as a historical monument, graveyard, or even someplace such as a bar. More than once, I have spoken with people that have said that their relative or someone they knew had their behavior changed drastically when they visited an old hotel or bar. For one person, their relative started spiraling into a life of daily drinking after they went to New Orleans. My first impression was that an old spirit that once frequented the bar and who loved to drink when they were alive, attached themselves to that relative and took over their life, causing them to become an alcoholic.  Unfortunate incidents happened to this person’s relative that changed many lives forever.

The idea of clothing absorbing the energies of evil or negativity has also reached into the Christian community with this article from Esquire magazine:



If you are inclined to wear vintage clothing or bring antiques into your home, protect yourself by “salting” down the items before using. For furniture, the easy application of Blessed Salt and given three days to have the salt sit and absorb negative energy is best. Easy clean up can be achieved with a clean broom or even a vacuum cleaner. For clothing and shoes, place the items in a large plastic garbage bag and sprinkle salt liberally onto the items. Tie up bag and let sit for three days. Take items out and give them a good shake outside before bringing them in to launder or take to the dry cleaners. Use a good stiff bristle brush for shoes to get all the salt out of the crevices. Read more on Blessed Salt here:

For added protection, consider wearing the Cross of St. Benedict, who has a prayer in Latin to banish or drive off evil spirits. You need not wear the cross around your neck, but you can pin it to an undershirt, camisole, or bra inside your professional clothes. You may also hang the Cross of St. Benedict over your front entrance to your home to thwart entry of evil spirits. Read more about the Cross of St. Benedict here:

Today we know that both of the forces of Good and Evil co-exist on Earth and we read and hear daily on the news erratic behavior of individuals who create havoc, chaos, and even far worse events than ever before. Protection is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Remember, Evil cannot enter unless given an invitation, so being aware of spiritual possession of objects and clothing and the proper way to cleanse them will help keep you safe and protected.



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