Me: “Hello, this is Jacqueline calling and I am ready for your reading. How are you? I sent you an e-mail earlier but let me first give you an idea on how my readings go. First…”

Client:    “Hi, I wanted to ask specific questions about Fred. Remember I sent you our photos?”

Me: “Yes, I did receive them. There will be time for any questions throughout your reading. So, in my readings,  I do a three layers in which the first layer…”

Client:   “Good I wanted to give you the photos so you can give me any psychic impressions you might have of him. In your last reading, you told me I would see him before the end of August and I couldn’t believe it but it really happened but just not in the way I thought it would. He..”

Me: “Oh good! He contacted you! I’ m glad my reading was correct for you and we can delve deeper into what happened as we do your reading as we have many other items to discuss.  The first layer sets the tone or lays the foundation…”

Client:   “He called me the other night and wanted a ride home from a bar and he was so drunk and I thought that he might get into a car accident so I went to go get him and while he was in the car he started to get close to me and when we were at his house I went in to make sure he went to bed then we started kissing and then we ended up having relations and then afterward he told me that he had another girlfriend and I called him a jerk and a nasty a## and I never wanted to see him again and I couldn’t believe that he could do something like that to me I love him and he can’t see it he just calls me when he wants sex and because I believe that if I just show him how much I love him he will make the changes he needs to make oh and I wanted to ask you if we get back together and I conceive a child will that child force him to make changes he needs and treat me right and see that I am the only woman that waited for him and not like those other trashy b*ches that he pick up in bars and sleeps with and…”




Reader, this is an example of Obsession. Obsession of mind, heart, and body. But to understand what Obsession is, we first need to understand the fertile souls that are ripe for possession of the Spirit of Obsession. Obsession has a harder time grasping a person who is strong and determined in their everyday life. Obsession has an easier time  with people who have weaknesses or are not certain of decisions that they have made. describes Obsession as the state of being obsessed with something or somebody. It is also described as an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes in a person’s mind. Other descriptive synonyms are fixated, maia, compulsion, addiction, fetish, craze. The list goes on and on. The main idea is that an obsession  takes over and controls the person, not the other way around.

In a spiritual sense, obsession is a Spirit or Spiritual influence that takes over a person and in a negative way more often than not. Spiritual obsessions are carried out by disturbed Spirits on a spiritual place and seek a way to take revenge or take advantage of a person in order to play out their passions and/ or addictions. There has been more than once instance where a decent person ‘suddenly’ becomes an alcoholic or a modest person starts exhibiting promiscuous behavior or makes a drastic change and becomes far too familiar with the sex trade. The average person might say that this person “snapped”, or experienced a trauma so severe that ‘something went wrong’ and ‘they were never the same’.I have been told that when one is going through certain Spiritual rituals to elevate their psychic senses and understanding with working with Spirits, these people are STRONGLY advised not to drink alcohol, go to  bars and cantinas, visit people in the hospital, and to not attend a funeral or go to the cemetery until further notice, because of their being newly initiated or that certain cleansings and other rituals have been performed on their behalf, they could potentially “attract” a negative Spirit and become their “horse” or like I say, “The vehicle they drive in.” Spiritual obsession is not something to take lightly, because that Spirit will make you do things you never thought you would do in your right mind because you are NOT in your right mind!

Even if there are many wandering around in a state of obsession, what about our caller in the scenario above? There are some that have worked themselves up into a frenzy over one particular person, so much so that the appear to be in a state of obsession. The target of the above caller was a gentleman that the caller had previous encounters with, and for some reason, the target ‘touched’ a certain nerve or activated something in the caller that they craved. It could have been great sex; it could have been a sense of safety and security in a relationship – whatever it was – the caller wanted more. This is a dangerous state to be in because this is when the Spirit of obsession can overtake the caller and their life will spiral out-of-control, if certain measures are taken quite quickly. Some of these measures can include spiritual warfare, a spiritual worker meeting with both of them, certain candles or rituals being performed, and maybe even professional or medical intervention.

Be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.





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