The discussion for the use of multiple candles for a certain situation, known as a candle “run”, and the opposite has been one that the client seeking spiritual assistance comes across each time they consider using candle magic to change a situation. Certain divinatory systems used by some spiritual practitioners can actually tell you how many candles it will take for that situation to change and the client’s thoughts on the cost of said candle burning services is something that weighs on the client’s mind and the valuation of the desired outcome.

For example, a client seeks a divination and advice from a spiritual practitioner. The reading says that the long-lost lover can come back to the client, but a quantity of candles will need to be burned before forward movement towards a reconciliation for the couple. So what if the client’s lover has been gone for a series of days, or even months? The client hears that they must burn one candle for each week the person has been gone. It the lover has been gone for three months, then using the directives in the divination, the client would have to start off the long candle burning service, or “run”, with twelve candles to begin with, then one candle each week the lover is gone until either a resolution and reconciliation occurs or the client changes their mind regarding bringing the lover back into their life.

You cannot base positive forward movement towards your candle petition goals truly effective if you, as a participant in your life, does not promote action while your candle is burning. You simply cannot light a yellow Crown of Glory Success candle and expect someone to knock on the door to give you a job while you are watching television on your couch. YOU must be proactive and use the energy that the candle is putting out into the Universe on your behalf and seek what you desire. There once was a man who asked for a money candle to be burned for his desires to gain money to purchase a house. The candle burn was good, with clear glass walls on the cylinder and no sooting or smudging on the glass. He should have positive blessings coming his way. At a later date, he contacted the spiritual practitioner, stating he was unhappy because he did not see any real effects of money coming into his life. The practitioner asked him what does he do for his career? The client stated he was on disability and receives a monthly check from the Government. The client did not see that the candle was not going to urge Congress to have a special hearing to increase Social Security payments just because a candle was burned. that rate increase happen once a year, without any magical influence. What the client did not consider is that he himself could have created a small side business (a “side hustle”) to compliment his monthly check.



So what is a client to do? First, consider the words of the divination and advice you sought out with your spiritual practitioner. Then, consider the desirability of the effects you want to see happen. If it is anything for you to “gain”, then continuing the candle burn until you get what you want is always the best course of action. If you are seeking employment, burn that Crown of Glory Success candle until you are hired, or when you pass that class in school (another use for Crown of Glory Success candles). If you are seeking streams of money coming in to pay off bills, then burn those green Money Attraction candle until those bills are satisfied and you have a little saved in the bank. If you want a relationship to manifest, then burn the pink Love or St. Jude Bring Me a New Love candles until they are wrapped in your arms and making plans for the future with you.

So what if you have done a “run of candles and the effects have not been as positive as you first thought? Seek advice again from your spiritual practitioner as things could have changed, and then sit quietly and consider how much you really want that situation to manifest. You may be desiring to rekindle a relationship with someone and a person more suited for you might be right in from of your eyes. The career you want might be more challenging that you first thought and the Universe might be nudging you towards a more suitable (and doable) job for you. the Universe might not bring in loads of money to you because you might have a tendency to spend it on clothes or other items and outings, abandoning your first intentions which was to pay down the bills.

I have seen candles work miracles, in which the odds were so firmly set against the client that you would think it was a lost cause. I have also seen candle produce the exact opposite effect of the words on the petition because of the insincerity of the petitioner client. In all cases, keeping to your purist, most heartfelt intention, along with your actually doing the work involved, will produce the best results for you.


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