It is time once again to announce the end of year Banishing Burn 2010. This event, now in it’s fourth year, is a ceremonial ritual that I perform for all my clients to release them from the negativity and problems that have been bothering them for the past year. It is a time for cleansing and for a renewed sense of positivity and light, casting off all those people and events that has occupied too much time and effort in the past year.

The way to participate is to order your tea light vigil and petition for $1.00 each (see photo above) or if there is someone in particular that is bothering you, order a poppet doll in their name, so that their negative influence will burn off and end when the doll is placed on  the pyre. Each doll is hand crafted and named for the individual you want it to represent, and costs $25.00. Complete photos of the doll’s construction and placement on the fire will be sent to you. The burning offerings, along with white sage, frankincense, myrrh and your petitions are a burnt offering to the Heavens so that the Guaradian Angels and the Saints can hear your plea.

Order a Doll to be made in the image of someone who caused you grief

Burn the doll in effigy for their influences to be destroyed

We have begun the ritual at 6:00 pm pacific. All participants will get exclusive photos tomorrow in their e-mail.


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