Probably one of the hardest things for a person to do in the life of spiritual work and readings is to be true to the intuitive messages and information that is being presented to you when with a Client (someone who comes to you for work or a reading,) That person has things going on in their lives that are unsettling and causes them to lose sleep or react to events in certain ways. These actions may make them uncomfortable and therefore, want to book a reading with a Reader. They are listening to their intuitive messages that something is not right and they are seeking validation of those feelings they are receiving. They want clarity and insight of the issues at hand, and what is the best course of action to take that will either determine continuing for the sake of working through the issues or making permanent changes to release themselves of the problems.

In the course of the reading (or even the candle services I perform), there are signs and occurrences that are communicated to the Client. Sometimes I will pause before speaking, and that is when I ask Sprit if the message I am seeing is clear and am I interpreting it correctly before opening my mouth. There are times that the message is blunt – brutal and factual – and there is no other way to deliver it without impacting the power of the message.  One case in point is where a person is in a constant state of Wonder and cannot move forward or take actions that will determine the trajectory of the relationship or event. If a person that is receiving negative signals from another, whether at work or in their personal life, the acceptance of the true, clear message will allow them to make said decisions that will change the outcome of the situation. If your employer is avoiding your request for a previously scheduled review to discuss a raise, then your employer may be having conflicts in themselves or within the company regarding paying their employees more. These signs are the Universe showing you that you are not as valued as you should be and maybe freshening up your resume and doing the research on what other companies are paying their employees doing the same job as you is vital to YOU succeeding in your future.



In matters of love and romance, if the signs you are seeing from a potential partner is not satisfactory to you or leaves you with wondering if you are in a relationship at all, then it is time to realize that your “worth” to them is not as valuable as they are to you. This is probably the most conflicted message that the Universe delivers in a reading – the message to LOVE YOURSELF enough to see when you are being used and abused, whether the relationship was a very brief one or the spark has gone out and attempts to ignite it has all been for naught.

Listening to your intuition has become harder in the past few Generations with the advancement of technology – we are bombarded with messages coming to us at a faster rate than ever before, and it is causing a certain number of the populace to misinterpret meanings, innuendos, and information we need to make rational decisions.  For some, being quiet with their own selves and thoughts can create anxiety, as if they are missing something if not ‘connected’ in some way. This is because Evil does not want you to have a moment to use your power of Discernment and wants to keep you in a state of agitation and expectation of the next event happening so you are confused and lulled into a false sense of security of knowing all things are correct and true streaming over your devices.

This is why a calm and distraction-free environment is necessary to have a successful spiritual reading so that you will receive clear messages on what to do to benefit your life and downplay drama and confusion. This is also why many Readers will ask you to jot down notes for you to review in the event there are some lingering doubts of the clarity of the message given. This is to benefit the Client so that the time and money spent in the consultation is used wisely to bring clarity and positivity to the one receiving the reading.

Consider booking your reading when the home is quiet or when the other residents have departed to run errands or when they are asleep. Make sure you have pen and paper for notes and that you have unobstructed hearing for the information to freely flow from the spiritual reader to you. This way, you have the tools and information needed to make those changes that benefit you as soon as you and your spiritual worker has concluded your reading time.


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