As people pass through your doorway, whether it is family members or not, negative energy comes with them and as a result, those collective energies, envies, hurts, pain and jealousies stay in your home. Why? Because you are the one who invited them in your home. People have many reasons for carrying negative energy around, either by choice or not, and wherever they visit, they leave some of that energy around. Here is a good way to lighten your home to chase away negativity and attract positive vibrations again.

NOTE: Perform this ritual when you have at least one full day dedicated to this ritual. You will need the time to do so correctly.



1 coconut (white or brown)

1 new straw broom (not plastic bristles) – do not use your old broom and this new broom will be cut and broken into two pieces at the end of the ritual.

Pair of scissors

1 bunch white flowers such as carnations or daisies

1 8 oz bottle of Florida Water

1 small Sage bundle

1 large paper bag from grocery store

1 glass bowl

1 fireproof container to collect sage ashes

2 vacuum cleaner bags for your vacuum (if any)

1 box Kosher Salt

1 St. Michael prayer card for each doorway leading to the outside.

1.)   Thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom and include each and every room. Toss out old magazines, file bills, take out trash, place all clothing in dresser drawers or in closets. Dust, wash, vacuum, sweep and take all this out to the garbage can, including the vacuum bag. Replace new bag in vacuum.

2.)   Sprinkle a light amount of Kosher Salt over the floors throughout the house, especially in corners. Begin at the farthest part of the house and sweep with the new broom towards the front door. In matters of carpeting, begin vacuuming the carpet from the room that is the farthest from the front door and continue until you have gotten to the front door. The salt absorbs lingering negativity and your sweeping it out the front door or vacuuming it up and changing the bag in the vacuum once again at the front door is taking the residual negativity out with it. Sweep all salt onto the porch, then scoop it up into the brown paper bag and leave it on the porch for more items to be collected.

3.)  Place the coconut on the floor. From this point on, you are not to pick up the coconut with your hands. Take the coconut and while using the broom, bat the coconut around the floor as if you are playing field hockey or trying to catch a mouse with the broom. Allow the coco to move all over the floor in each room, moving back and forth, and letting it roll downstairs and moving it around the ground level floor. If living in an apartment building where you have an interior staircase leading to a common front door, do the same with the coconut, batting it down the flights of stairs until you reach the main front door.

4.)  Once at the front door, lay the brown paper bag on its side and roll the coconut into the bag to secure it closed. Go to a dumpster or common trash collection area (like in an apartment building) and toss bag with coconut and salt in and take the broom and break it in half (or at least bend it> If this is not feasible, then take a large pair of scissors and cut the straw bristles off the broom and into the brown paper bag, rendering it unable to be used again. Go back inside your home. Do not throw this bag into your own trash can outside your home. If you must travel, place in trunk of car and drive to nearest grocery store or strip mall where you can leave it in their dumpster.

5.)  Open all of your windows, (even if it is cold you can open them a couple of inches) and light the sage bundle. Allow a good flame to light the end of the sage, then blow it out so that the bundle will smolder and create smoke. Go from room to room, passing the sage under beds, in closets, bathroom and all areas of the house. During this time, you can pray the Our Father or Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my Shepherd”). Make sure you hold the sage bundle over the fireproof container to catch any embers or ashes and be especially careful when moving through the house that you do not drop any sage that will cause a fire. Move through all room of the house, down the stairs (if any) and right out the front door. walk through front door threshold and then put out the sage.

6.)  Once inside, take the bowl and add water and sprinkle about a 1/2 cup of Florida Water into the water. Dip the ends of the flowers into the water and sprinkle the drops around the room, being careful not to soak fine furniture, antiques or paintings. During this time, you can pray the Our Father or Psalm 23 (“The Lord is my Shepherd”). Keep dipping, sprinkling and praying throughout the house, ending up again at the front door. Go outside and anoint all outside door lintels (the tops of doors) and window sills. Once done, take the water and sprinkle your front porch and walkway leading to the street. Walk to the nearest crossroads and drop the flowers and dump the water into the middle of the crossed roads. Walk back to your home without looking back.

7.)  Place your Saint Michael prayer cards over each doorway leading to the outside (front door, back door, garage door, etc.)

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