Let’s get your “money house” in order for the rest of 2020!



I am happy to announce the return of all candle burning services and even more excited about the 2020 Mid-Year Prosperity Experiment Month Long Candle Vigil beginning July 1st!

2020 has been a year for all of us like we have never experienced. It was history making and changed many of us forever in a way that we will never see and feel things the same way ever again. One of the greatest financial comebacks is starting to emerge and getting your spiritual ‘rocket on the launchpad’ for abundance, prosperity, and financial success is here.

What is the Prosperity Experiment?

This is a small group of people like yourself that has a financial goal in mind to reach before the end of the year 2020. It might be for paying off the credit card bills, a student loan, for a purchase of a home, new or newer car, or for something that will continue to bring in streams of money like education and training.

This 30-day “novena” candle vigil has a constant candle burning for you and your goals to aid and assist in success for you. Included in the 30 day vigil is a daily e-mail, with a short vignette, a meditation of the day, and other tips and tricks to consider to make those necessary changes in lifestyle that can be a financial bonus to you! This is like waking up to a personal money cheerleader giving you the chant of the day to get you revved up and going!

Each week, a candle will be burned for you, with a beginning and ending photo taken, with the candles in line in a week-by-week succession, and a final photo of all four candles and a brief synopsis of the candle burn and suggestions to keep that good, good energy flowing.

Here are some article of past years’ Prosperity Experiments (now in its 12th year!)

2020 Prosperity Experiment | Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020




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