I know someone that wants a certain State Government job. It has almost become their obsession to get employed by this agency. They focus on the application and testing lists on the State agency religiously for this one job, as if no other position would do. Every year, they apply, take the test, score well, but within the same year that they tested, they do not get chosen for that interview. After one year, their name drops off the eligibility list, and they have to start the process of applying for the test, take the test, score, and be placed on a list over again. I credit them for their efforts. They have dedication and want this job badly, as I think they believe that this job will solve all their financial, material, and housing problems, if there are any. May God bless them abundantly.

Each time they are placed on the list, they book a reading from me, and their line of questions regarding placement comes up in their conversation. Many times, I can almost bet just about all of the times, the cards predict that they will get a call for the interview sometime within the year. The reading at that time is positive, and we both are relieved with the affirmative answer.

Many months go by, I do not hear from them. Then, I received a text with the statement that they did not get chosen from that year’s list and they will have to begin the routine of application, testing. scoring, placement, and waiting for an invitation to interview. This occurs year after year, for a few years now. Each year that they are not in receipt of a letter to interview, I will hear from them. I might hear from them again this year as well.

The core reason that this person is testing over and over, as this one particular State job is the epitome of what she desires and needs in her life – a stable job, medical insurance, retirement plan, and security. We all want that. However, the focus of this one job placement, this one job title, this one agency being all that is like a horse with blinders; once cannot see the same opportunities are available in other places. Your talent in one area of your career can carry over to other jobs that might allow you an easier access to the benefits you seek.

The tarot is not a “one size fits all” method of prognostication. In my reading, I use three layers: the first to set the tone of the reading. It lays down the foundation. Just like building a house, a concrete pad or basement needs to go in first to hold up the walls. The second layer expounds on the message of the cards in the first layer. It gives the “now”, the back story, and how you will recognize the incidents or energy and any “red flags” as it develops. Imagine this as the walls, electrical, and water installations of the house that is being built – you can see clearly where everything is at that point. The third and last layer gives suggestion to extract the best possible outcome for the positive news, and how to diminish or lessen the “sting” of the negative message. This is like putting on the roof, shingles and finishing touches to the “house”.  It gives you what is coming up and what signs to look for for both positive and negative situations.

Yes, there are negative messages in readings. I tell my clients, think of a tarot reading as a snapshot. Imagine I am the photographer for Sports Illustrated. I have my camera poised and ready as Tom Brady breaks from the huddle, running backward, eyes searching for his receivers. He lifts his arm, cocks it, and then I take the picture – or – I lay the cards on the table. What happens after Tom lifts his arm could go many ways – he could be tackled, connects with Gronkowski, or drops the ball. Once the cards are drawn, things could change.

We are in constant change. You and I are one second closer to death than we once were a second ago. Our hair is growing; blood is flowing. No one is in a state of suspension as the body must be constantly moving, morphing, and changing to even continue existence.  It is your duty, if I may be so bold to say, to make sure you get to your goal. Setting back with a sense of being sure that the job has your name on it is like the childhood story of the Turtle and the Hare. Hare, known for being fast, sped off from the starting line, leaving Turtle in the dust. Hare thinks he is so far ahead, he takes a nap under a tree by the side of the road that Turtle is traveling, and Turtle passes him. Ultimately, Turtle won the race, as Hare did not wake in time to finish before Turtle.

You, as the Querent (or seeker/for whom the question is asked) is encouraged to focus on the task and goal at hand – not fixate on the exactness of the reading. Shifting your focus to the needs being met – like job security, medical benefits, retirement plans, etc. is a far more positive focus of goals than one specific job title that is believed to “cure all ills”. For the person mentioned in the beginning of this blog post, they should take the positive message of the reading and use candle burning rituals, and/or other spiritual works to achieve their goal, as success or another outcome could come at any time. For example, I could give someone a reading, make the statement that they and the one they desire will get together/reconcile/marry, and then the next day something tragic could possibly happen, thus rendering my reading “wrong” or “false”. We do not know the time in which we are to ascend to Heaven, and we should always work towards to positivity of the readings with renewed interest and energy, despite the time and day when we are called Home.

Take your message from your Tarot reading and utilize the news to make spiritual moves to achieve positive or downplay negative situations for you to life your best life. Keeping your “eyes on the goal” is a far more positive outlook than zeroing in on one particular thing. You never know, and you might be pleasantly surprised, that your opportunities are wider and more diverse once you step back and really understand your true end result.


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