“Get on the Good Foot”
Southernism: to begin a task, pronto. To get moving, get “crackin'”, “get your a** in gear”
Ex. “I’d better get on the good foot  – I was supposed to beat work an hour ago!”
Source: www . urbandictionary. com



The New Year has always been associated with a time to begin new regimens or new habits for ourselves and our surroundings. Many choose to start a newer and healthier eating plan, to exercise, make changes in lifestyle or personal choices, in hopes to make permanent changes that is beneficial to themselves.

This is a perfect thing to do – make changes that will improve you and your lifestyle and to attract goodness and beneficial energies to you, in order for you to be a better human. We all should aspire to that.

Many times, however, it is the time of the year that gets some caught in a ‘trap’ or a predicament because of many factors – the amount of daylight we are exposed to in the Winter months, the stress of taking care of spending habits at the end of the year previously as well as forecasting for taxes coming in the Spring, and may other situations that appear to try to trip us up on our road to betterment. Here are some ideas to consider to utilize when planning a bold new life change so that you will attain success in 2021:

1.) Get a full length reading: Getting a reading from someone you have trusted in the past can really set your goals on point – especially if that reader or prognosticator can determine timelines for you. This way, your notes can guide you as to when you need to act upon opportunity as well as when to “lay low” (like in the upcoming Mercury Retrograde on Jan. 30th). Knowing what to look for and when to move is part of your strategy for success in 2021.

2.) Return to your spiritual practices: If you have adopted a certain spiritual path or have rekindled your Faith in your ancestral religious belief, and then had been slacking off in practice. Now is a great time to start again – you won’t be ‘charged’ for your time away, and it will bring you peace and serenity during the year.

3.) Consider works of charity: This does not have to be big, but meaningful. A dollar to someone at the traffic light asking for a handout. Allowing someone get in line in front of you if they have just one or two items to check out. Paying for someones coffee in back of you in the drive through. Taking a check made out for $5.00 to the local food bank and praying over it that it will be joined with others’ donations to keep people from being hungry. Understand that when you are benevolent, then the Universe is benevolent to you.

These are just three things that you can do to jump start your new lifestyle and help firmly attain your goals. Doing any of there (or all three) with a serious heart and mind will give you the power to make that change in your life this year.


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