Something that I catch myself saying often in a reading with a Querent (the Client) is to consider the reading they are having on that day as a “Snapshot in Time”. The purpose of a reading or divination is to access information in order to make decisions that quell potential damaging issues and to enhance and promote positive outcomes. There is a time factor in play here however, since once the information has been revealed or passed to the Querent, it is their duty to themselves to take action in order to capture the best time to protect themselves or embolden themselves to ask for that raise, promotion, or make a love declaration to their special someone.

Imagine this, the Reader or Spiritual Worker that is using divination is like a Sports Illustrated photographer at the Super Bowl. The game is tense and thrilling, and each “team” (the Querent being one “team” and the Universe being the other “team”)  and the cards are the “plays” that the quarterback – let’s say for the sake of this vignette – Tom Brady – calls. Tom gets the players in the huddle, makes the decision to run the ball, and the “photographer” (the reader) is on the sidelines to capture the “action”. Tom starts the play, runs backwards and is searching for the best wide receiver, and spots Gronkowski open and running towards to goal line. Tom raises his arm, ball in hand and then – SNAP! – the “photo” is taken – or in this case – the Tarot cards are drawn. Once that film has been exposed to light, we the observers does not know if Tom was tackled, or did he get the ball passed to Gronk successfully. The tarot card pull that is laying on the table in front of you is just like that photograph – it gives us the information at that time, which could change once the pull of the cards has happened. Just like that photo, there are many things that can happen once we see Tom raising his arm to throw that can be either a touchdown or be tackled behind the line of scrimmage. We take the information that we receive from the card distribution and make our decisions and moves from there.



There was once a person who got a reading and was given a couple of options to consider in regards to spellwork or candles to be burned to aid and assist in making positive changes to their life. Not only was this information given at the reading, but reiterated in an e-mail within a few days when the Querent (client) asked for clarification. The answer they received was that time was of the essence, and to consider making that decision soon. The Querent did not engage services from the spiritual worker, and it was only months later that a sad tale was shared in the next exchange of communication between the reader and client.

If you feel the need to think things over and decide if the suggested action given in the reading is worthy of your time, effort, and money, then you have a very narrow window of time to capture the best course of action energy to rectify or remediate the situation. It is not like you need to go in for emergency surgery, but more of “the faster we work on this, the better the outcome”. Now this could come across as a perceived from of urgency from the Reader – and it is – but not necessarily for the reasons you may think. Not all Readers or Spiritual Workers are able to work on your situation, as they have schedules or may feel inadequate to handle the job.

With this new concept to think about, consider getting a reading and jot down notes that will give you easy access to the information ofthe cards, and then utilize the idea of timely decisions and movement in order to thwart potential negativity and to enhance successful outcomes.



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