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The theory of “like attracts like” is something that echos in everyday magic. It is something that also seems to run in Nature itself – as for every plant that ails you, there is one that heals you. The same with the use of color in life. Certain colors have a meaning and carries their own “warning signal” or vibration that will instinctively give the user the idea of for what it is intended. Even the Chinese, who developed the concept of Feng Shui, use the colors to indicate the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Metal. Each element compliments or negates one or more of the other, and it is the balance of directions and elements that create the positive effects of Feng Shui.

So how does that work with items you use everyday, like your wallet or billfold? Again, the theory of color energy and intention is a natural to use in making money magic. Read on to see if your wallet is workin’ its magic for you!


Compare what you are using to carry your credit cards and cash in with this list below:

Red Wallets, Coin Purses or Billfolds

The color red means Power. It says “Pay attention to ME!”. This is the reason hot chiles are red; they mean BUSINESS! So does a red wallet or billfold. It means energy and movement – both coming and going of money in the wallet. Tuck a sliver of cinnamon bark or sprinkle a few red pepper flakes (get them free from the Pizza guy!) into the zippered inside coin pocket or a small lodestone or pyrite to increase the attraction power of red.

Blue Billfolds, Wallets, or Coin Purses

Blue is the color of Peace and Harmony and the use of the color blue for a wallet could mean stability and steadfast control of money being spent and earned. Think of the story of the Tortoise and the Hare – it’s not the speed of which you arrive, but the eventual arrival. Use Queen Elizabeth Root if you are a female and John the Conqueror if you are a male to create a steady flow of money coming in and a mindful spending habit for money when it goes out to cover the bills and other financial obligations.

Green Coin Purses, Wallets, or Billfolds

Green wallets are great when you are thinking of new – new life, new beginnings, new career! Green is an excellent choice for starting anew – and being ready to start fresh and open, no matter what happened in the past. Fragrant Mint, Thyme or Basil, wrapped in a small square of green fabric, and tucked between the credit cards will aid and assist in keeping those balances fresh and open to new purchases needed for success and growth.



Brown Billfolds, Coin Purses, or Wallets

The color brown is one of the two most popular colors for wallets. There are so many styles, textures and color variations in brown that you can almost pick up the “glow” or undertones and work with that color energy. Tuck a $2.00 bill that is wrapped around a few Grains of Paradise, some Chamomile buds, or a pinch of Magnetic Sand in the corners of your wallet (or behind a photo of you in the photo sleeve) is a great way to utilize traditional hoodoo herbs and minerals to do your bidding in monetary increase.

Black Wallets, Billfolds, and Coin Purses

Black is the color of domination and infinite space. How deep is your well that you want to fill? Creating a wallet mojo to attract MORE with a black wallet starts with cleaning out all unnecessary credit cards, business cards, receipts and assorted “stuff” to create a lean, mean attraction machine! Tuck a Mercury dime in the corner of the wallet and a larger chunk (dime-sized) of Lodestone in the zippered coin area to tell the Universe you want “Mo’ Money!”.

Other Billfold or Wallet Colors:

In the past, wallets were produced in the traditional colors listed above, but today’s trends means the rainbow is the limit on the color of wallets today! Anything from Hot Pink to Purple or Silver are the rage and any colors that draws your eye to the wallet is a good color to create a money magnet mojo. In most cases, the more intense or deeper the color, the better, so please consider not using pastel wallets. Pastels suggest passive energy, and unless you have an unlimited stream of cash flow, keeping those Easter colors for limited special occasions is best for most.

Last but not least, white wallets are a MUCH better choice for a wallet than light tan, pastel pink or iridescent, as white is the combination of all colors of the prism, and thus any of the above mentioned hoodoo charms can be used in a white wallet.


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